Mario [SMG4]

A Retarded bot that you can talk with AND get funny responses if you say certain words

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Prefix: sm!
Category: Fun
Guilds: ???
Votes: 0

Mario [SMG4] is a retarded bot where you can talk to him and he will respond to words in your server. He is a funny edition to your server ESPECIALLY if you are a fan of SMG4

This bot's Auto-respond is On by default but you can turn that off using sm!retardno and stick with the sm!asksmg4mario to talk to him with even MORE retardness.

For some minors, All Swear words have been censored.

OVERALL, its main features is it's auto-responder AND sm!asksmg4mario but if you have any suggestions on what to add to the bot, Let us know at our support server.

This bot may potientally be the first public SMG4 Bot on Discord.