Primarily a bot devoted to providing in-depth divination meanings via Tarot, Runes, Lenormand, and related systems.

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~Asterie's Introduction~

@AsterieBot is primarily a divination-focused bot, specialising in providing in-depth meanings and explanations behind the cards, runes, and other divinatory systems it’s capable of. It doesn’t just pull, say, a tarot card - rather, it will pull a Tarot card and provide keywords, the card image (including possible reversals), and a description - enough to give you a healthy understanding. The bot has a wide variety of decks and multiple rune sets, as well as an 8-Ball command, hieroglyphic divination, daily horoscopes, astrology & tarot memes, & other misc commands.

I will always strive to add more decks (tarot, oracle, lenormand, etc), if possible more runic systems, and other divinatory systems (e.g hieroglyphic divination, ancient greek letter divination, i-ching, etc). This is a time consuming task but the bot is a long-term project that will be continually added to.


Some example card pulls using the 'random' feature (?tarot random), though you can call a specific deck directly as well (the bot also has Younger/Elder Futhark and Armanen and a continually-added to list of decks).

If you don't need the in-depthness, there's also a simplified output option with just the image + keywords (e.g ?tarot albano -noembed, in the pic I've set 'noembed' as my default setting already).

Key Features

  • In-depth Tarot, lenormand, and oracle card divination

  • In-depth runic divination, with multiple rune sets

  • A growing list of decks to choose from

  • Astrology & tarot memes

  • In-depth horoscope feature

  • Standard 8-ball & a more fun version

  • Unique divination systems (greek letter, hiroglyphic)

  • Ability to search for individual cards along with their full detailed descriptions (useful for study groups, or if you need a reminder, or during specific-card discussions!)

  • Misc fun commands such as random quotes, jokes, compliment other users, yes/no coinflips, a choose command, etc

  • Customizable bot prefix. Users can also customize the level of detail they receive on tarot/rune readings and horoscopes. Mods can also turn off the full-embed details completely in certain channels.

  • Maintained support server so you can get help if you need it


Video Demonstration