Spectrum Bump

Spectrum bump: The simple solution to advertisement

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Prefix: +
Category: Advertisement
Guilds: 60
Votes: 2
Owner: Scorprian#2161

Spectrum Bump
The simple solution to advertisement

List of commands

  • Setinteger| Sets your bots permission integer
  • Setdesc | Sets your bots description
  • Setlibrary | Sets your bots library
  • Setprefix| Sets the prefix for your bot
  • Preview | Displays your ad as it will be sent
  • Bump | Sends your ads to every server setup with Spectrum Bump
  • Setbumpchannel | Sets the channel used by Render Bump to send other servers Ads
  • Invite | Invite Render Bump to your server
  • Info | Check guild, user and bump count
  • Help | Displays these commands
  • Policy | Displays the privacy policy

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