Bot Bumper

The first bot to bump your bot's advertisements as well as helping it grow to become famous

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Prefix: b!
Category: Advertisement
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Owner: Airbus A330-200#0001

Bot Bumper
The first bot to bump your bot's advertisements
Made by the developers of Aerex

The first of its kind

Bot Bumper is the first of its kind which allows you to advertise your bot by means of bumping. Similar to server bumping, this bot allows you to advertise in means of a bump. Your advertisement is sent across all participating servers which will allow others to check out your bot.

Why should I use Bot Bumper?

- Bot Bumper receives updates frequently.
- Bot Bumper has a caring customer support team who are dedicated to assisting you with any problems you may have.
- Bot Bumper allows for flexibility. You are allowed to set up a bumping channel anywhere in your server with only one command.
- Bot Bumper allows for quick ad bumps with little cooldown time.
- Bot Bumper allows for secure, discrete, and quick data removal if needed.

Sounds great! How do I set it up?

Setting up Bot Bumper is quite simple. Just follow a couple steps below and that's it! This simple setup will take 5 minutes or less of your time.

1. Have someone with the Manage Webhooks permission run the bumpchannel command in a desired bumping channel.
2. Run the setup command and follow the prompts which will allow you to setup your bot's ad.
3. Run bump to bump your bot to all of our servers!

I need help! Who do I contact? What do I do?

In need of assistance? We are more than happy to help you! Simply join our support server and ask a question in our #support channel. You will receive a response from a dedicated support agent quickly. For more anonymous requests, you can DM our ModMail bot which will connect you with a representative where you can discuss your case anonymously.

You can also join our support server to get the latest updates about our bot or just hang out and have fun!

Sounds great! I'm interested! How do I invite Bot Bumper?

To invite Bot Bumper to your server, run the invite command and click on the link. Feel free to modify the permissions it asks for. You can also invite Bot Bumper by clicking here.

Because of caching, we recommend inviting Bot Bumper to your server if you want to bump a bot that shares no servers with Bot Bumper. This will result in the best experience for advertisement.

Thank you for your consideration!
You're all set! Happy bumping!
That's it! You're all set! Happy bumping and thank you for considering this bot!